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Our Founder. Our Mentor. Our Friend.

The Heart of Toll Brothers.

Robert I. Toll


His was an incredible life and legacy. We will always remember Bob as the visionary leader, incomparable teacher, and great friend that he was to so many of us.

Brothers Bob and Bruce Toll

A Visionary Leader

Under Bob’s dynamic leadership and throughout its 55+ years in business, Toll Brothers has solidified its reputation as America’s Luxury Home Builder. Bob took pride in building communities on the best land in the most sought-after locations, “at the corner of Main and Main,” as Bob said—a phrase still widely used within the Company.

Today, more than 150,000 families across the United States live in a Toll Brothers home.


Dedication to Philanthropy

Bob and Jane Toll always made philanthropy and social justice an integral part of their lives. In addition to their avid support of nonprofit organizations including the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society, they were hands-on leaders and supporters of numerous causes.

Bob and Jane Toll

“All of us who were lucky enough to spend time with Bob have been forever impacted by his huge heart, unique sense of humor, zest for life, and profound intelligence.

Bob was a brilliant strategist and an incredible teacher and advisor. His lessons have been indelibly etched over the past half century in the minds of the entire Toll Brothers team and many of the industry's current and future leaders.”

Douglas Yearley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer